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If anyone considers an exchange between Australians and persons outside Australia, here is the Australian website that allows you to find out if your item can pass:

I think, this website is so useful, that it would probably make a good hint for this swap sub forum, as a permanent notice. ;)

How to Use:

Hello Hirnsausen,

The BICON system is the Australian Federal Government’s Department of Agriculture and Water Resources’ new Biosecurity Import CONditions database, which has replaced and superseded the old ICON database (I believe that this is what you are referring to in your original message). The BICON system houses all the (biosecurity) import conditions, that must be met, when goods are imported into Australia. These import conditions relate directly to Australia’s Biosecurity legislation and represents only one of the Australian Government’s border agencies that control goods that cross our border, you may need to consult the other border agencies (as required).

In regards to your query about pleurotus ostreatus (sic) (being a scientific name); when a “Scientific Name” search is activated using the search term “Pleurotus”: the search result “Mushrooms for propagation” relates directly to your needs. Try this search and, click this search result to begin your investigation for this ‘import scenario’ and you will find the information you are looking for. If you require further advice relating to your completed BICON investigations please return to the “BICON home page” (to locate this page: search “bicon home” in google, or navigate your way there from the department’s web space Department of Agriculture and Water Resources. ) and submit your queries to the “imports” email contact, that can be found towards the bottom of this ‘BICON home page’.

The ICON database is no longer available. The ICON database was removed and replaced with the BICON system, to provide our clients with a customised, transparent and more helpful service to facilitate an understanding of biosecurity import conditions and how they control goods imported into Australia. BICON has the answers to your queries of how to import goods into Australia (regarding biosecurity control). Use the BICON home page to familiarise yourself with this system, access the “Support using BICON” page (from the left list pane) and once you have become comfortable using this system you will have more accurate and plentiful information then you had access to before.

If you have any queries please feel free to contact the department via the information on our web space Department of Agriculture and Water Resources.
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Re: HINT FOR ADMINS: Austr. Customs Database Online
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Good call.  Pinned.